Montale Bengal Oud Fragrance Review + Roar Draw

Montale bengal oud review

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 When you think of Montale Paris… chances are you associate the house with their oud fragrances. There are 1000s of niche, mainstream and designer Ouds on the market ;Montale was one of the first  niche house to use Aoud in 2003 , a year after YSL M7 debuted and  the craze for Oud in Western perfumery began. Known  throughout the world  as Oudh, Oud, agar or agarwood, aloeswood, gaharu, eaglewood, kynam, sinking wood, incense tree, and calembac, it has many names and many scent profiles. One of the newest offerings, Montale Bengal Oud may have oud in its title, but the fragrance is more a woody leathery animalic. In Chinese astrology, the tiger is the third of the 12 cycles of animals and associated with with the “earthly branch” symbol- (not unlike wood, which, on my skin is the most prominent). One thing is for certain, this tiger roars. –Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Editor Sebastian Jara reviews Montale Bengal Oud

Disclosure: Sebastian received his bottle for review.Opinions are our his own

Montale Bengal Oud

Photo of Montale Bengal Oud by Sebastian

Thanks to the US distributor of Montale Paris we have a we have a tester 100 ml bottle of Montale Bengal Oud/ $170  for a registered CafleureBon reader and Looking Feeling Smelling Great subscriber in the USA (if you are not sure if you are registered click here (you must register on our site or your entry will be invalid). To be eligible please leave a comment ON THIS SITE with what you enjoyed about Sebastian’s YouTube review of Montale Bengal Oud and your favorite Montale perfume. Draw closes 7/12/2020

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Arabian Tonkas, which features a horse on the bottle was released around the same time as Bengal Oud and reviewed by Sebastian here

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